How Neurofeedback Works

Stuck Conditions

When the brain is dysregulated for a period of time without restoration of its normal functioning, it interprets the new functioning as normal and doesn’t try to correct it. The brain then becomes “stuck”. It doesn’t produce the “right” brainwaves for the life-task that the person is trying to accomplish.
e.g. learning, sleeping, digesting, self-calming, working, relating, or feeling joy.


The Central Nervous System is wonderfully designed to detect difference - to detect a change in the flow of events. Multi-media feedback that immediately and consistently indicates to the brain its "overworking" or "underworking" by a change in the flow of events is information the brain can use. The brain loves information, and is fascinated by the neurofeedback “mirror” of its brainwave activity becuse it is information that it does not normally have. The brain quickly “gets it” - that there is a one-to-one relationship between what it is doing and what is happening on the screen in front of it. Given this feedback, the brain can, and does, move itself out of its stuck or “parked” places into a flexibility that has continuing cascading benefits.